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US-9168009-B2: Fluoroscopy type four-point frame for spine surgery patent, US-9172805-B1: Edge injected speech in call centers patent, US-9192147-B2: Platform bird feeder with an adjustable wobbling baffle patent, US-9198628-B2: Chest diagnostic support information generation system patent, US-9216621-B2: Apparatus for angular positioning of an operating arm of a tire changing machine patent, US-9216754-B2: Wheel brake set for luggage case patent, US-9227437-B2: Label printer and label printing system patent, US-9238771-B1: Non-coiled tubing well clean-up patent, US-9253998-B2: Material container for ultra-high pressure food processing patent, US-9265826-B2: Siglec-9 binding agents patent, US-9267966-B2: Test platform patent, US-9286976-B2: Apparatuses and methods for detecting write completion for resistive memory patent, US-9306894-B1: Automatic detection and notification of backlogs and delays patent, US-9311576-B2: Correction method of printing data patent, US-9313918-B2: Cooling device for electronic machine patent, US-9361022-B2: Character input apparatus patent, US-9371238-B2: Titanium-silicalite molecular sieve, method for preparing the same and method for preparing cyclohexanone oxime using the molecular sieve patent, US-9385119-B2: Semiconductor arrangement with a load, a sense and a start-up transistor patent, US-9425894-B2: In-band optical signal-to-noise ratio measurement patent, US-9437514-B2: Semiconductor package with coated side walls and method of manufacture patent, US-9447847-B2: Automated manual transmission for vehicle patent, US-9481190-B2: Information processing apparatus and control method thereof patent, US-9490122-B2: Method and apparatus of forming carbon-containing silicon film patent, US-9494603-B2: Method for diagnosing a hemoglobin-related disorder patent, US-9519542-B2: Storage control device and storage control method patent, US-9529795-B2: Systems and methods for natural language generation patent, US-9537945-B2: System and method for determining a display device's behavior based on a dynamically-changing event associated with another display device patent, US-9543280-B2: Light emitting module and lighting device patent, US-9543401-B2: 3D semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9574925-B2: Fluid measurement device having a circuit for precise flow measurement patent, US-9578977-B2: Integrated drain system from a refrigerated display case patent, US-9614384-B2: Stylus charging case patent, US-9616556-B2: Universal self-adjusting, open-ended powered wrench patent, US-9616579-B2: Lifting grip patent, US-9639558-B2: Image building patent, US-9640890-B2: Terminal and terminal connection structure patent, US-9648548-B1: WiFi mesh configuration patent, US-9653708-B2: Emissive display patent, US-9674653-B2: Techniques to manage client location detection patent, US-9675220-B2: Wet/dry, non-porous bag/bagless vacuum assembly with steam and variable speed settable vacuum motor control with no loss of suction patent, US-9687830-B2: Highly active, selective, accessible, and robust zeolitic Sn-baeyer-villiger oxidation catalyst patent, US-9722761-B2: Secondary cells in overlapping bands patent, US-9726351-B2: Light emitting assembly with spectrum-shifting reflectance and method patent, US-9731466-B2: Systems and methods of supplying materials to a rotating fiber producing device patent, US-9753550-B2: Optical encoder and operating method thereof patent, US-9767863-B2: Redundancy memory device comprising a plurality of selecting circuits patent, US-9774664-B2: Social networking system based on smart clothing patent, US-9792652-B2: User interface for computer-implemented trading system patent, US-9792879-B2: Display system and driving method patent, US-9795806-B2: Particle beam therapy system, and method for operating particle beam therapy system patent, US-9802762-B1: Exchange of containers patent, US-9866103-B2: Magnetic capacitive current limit circuit for transformers patent, US-9881836-B2: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-8564769-B2: Hyperspectral imaging light source system patent, US-8571750-B2: Diagnostic tool with advanced diagnostic capabilities patent, US-8578209-B2: Non-faulting and first faulting instructions for processing vectors patent, US-8583808-B1: Automatic generation of rewrite rules for URLs patent, US-8592922-B2: Transistor device and a method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8610783-B2: Image catching module and portable computer having the same patent, US-8622017-B2: Electroless plating system patent, US-8624255-B2: Array substrate and method of fabricating the same patent, US-8625062-B2: Transparent display device and driving method thereof having particular active reflector patent, US-8634409-B2: System and method for coordinating between multiple telephony channels patent, US-8638129-B2: Power circuit patent, US-8645305-B2: Assigning sensors to paths patent, US-8650196-B1: Clustering documents based on common document selections patent, US-8654164-B2: Printing device and printing method patent, US-8692567-B2: Method for verifying a test substrate in a prober under defined thermal conditions patent, US-8708761-B2: Vessel propulsion apparatus patent, US-8764061-B2: Stand patent, US-8780445-B2: Optical system for rigid scope and rigid endoscope patent, US-8790574-B2: Thrust bearing for turbocharger of internal-combustion engine patent, US-8800627-B2: Transfer medium manufacturing method, transfer method, transfer medium manufacturing apparatus, and transfer apparatus patent, US-8835767-B2: Suspension board with circuit patent, US-8860238-B2: Method and device for handling, in particular for repairing or replacing, busbars on wind power plants patent, US-8875749-B2: Method for the preparation of samples patent, US-8878747-B2: Display controlling apparatus and image processing apparatus patent, US-8885481-B2: System and method for hybrid telecommunication patent, US-8895627-B2: Method to elicit tomato resistance to fungal disease patent, US-8897021-B2: Method for manufacturing a plurality of plug-in cards from a card body patent, US-8905773-B2: Memory socket with special contact mechanism patent, US-8916128-B2: Integrated oxidation, reduction and gasification method for chemical looping syngas and energy production patent, US-8930755-B2: Distribution apparatus and distribution method patent, US-8931584-B2: Thermal expansion resistant heat exchanger seal patent, US-8951058-B2: Electrical connector assembly patent, US-8958927-B2: Vehicle-onboard apparatus system, portable terminal, and vehicle-onboard machine patent, US-8968984-B2: Photosensitive resin composition patent, US-8989225-B2: Laser apparatus patent, US-9016851-B2: Recording apparatus patent, US-9022025-B2: Integrated diving snorkel and regulator and methods of use patent, US-9039820-B2: Wet-separation type dust collector for vacuum patent, US-9045920-B2: Vehicle door inside handle device patent, US-9062403-B2: Machine for cleaning, washing, drying and ironing clothes and garments patent, US-9064214-B2: Context aware apparatus and method patent, US-9065857-B2: Managing multiple IP address management systems patent, US-9080462-B2: Cooling structure for bearing housing of turbocharger patent, US-9083343-B1: Cascode switching circuit patent, US-9083505-B2: Manchester code receiving circuit patent, US-9088351-B2: Physical layer network coding using forward error correction codes patent, US-9098398-B2: Non-volatile memory systems and methods of managing power of the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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